When you crack a toenail or fingernail it can be an eyesore, not to mention, painful. If you have cracked nails it could be for a number of reasons. You may have missed the mark with the hammer, but cracked nails are more likely to occur because of the wear and tear that they go through over time.

If you have cracked a nail, a good idea is to go ahead and trim that nail back and keep an eye on your nail. Since fingernails grow slowly (and toenails even slower), your body may be able to heal itself, you just need to take notice and trim and file in order to sculpt your nail back to normal. A good hand moisturizer applied to nails and cuticles can also help to keep your nails healthy. Moisturizing is a great daily habit that can help protect your nails from cracking further.

How Can You Prevent Cracked Nails?

What about those cracks that aren’t such an easy cosmetic fix, though? Sometimes cracks can extend from the edge of a nail into the nail plate, or across a fingernail or toenail, too deep to be corrected by clippers. In this case, it is important to reflect on your daily habits. Are you spending too much time with your hands and feet in the water? It might be time to cut down on those long showers, or washing the dishes without gloves. Nails can crack because of over-exposure to chemicals as well. Many household cleaners contain high levels of chemicals that dehydrate skin and nails, making them brittle and susceptible to cracking. To avoid this damage, gloves are also a good option, and you should also moisturize regularly.

Another common mistake is using too much nail polish or fingernail polish remover. Think of your nails as a living organism. By leaving nail polish on your nails for long periods of time, you are withholding their ability to breathe, and this can lead to dry, brittle nails. Don’t overdo it with nail polish remover, either. Applying nail polish remover too often infuses chemicals into your nails, causing brittleness. It is also important to know that cracked nails can occur naturally. As our nails age, they lose the ability to recover or protect themselves from the everyday attacks that can cause them to crack.

Can You Treat Cracked Nails?

Nuvail™ (poly-ureaurethane, 16%) provides an easy solution to brittle nails. Nuvail’s revolutionary polymer protects your nails from environmental factors that cause nails to crack. Applied once a day, Nuvail is a practical, water-repelling applicant. For ideal protection, consider contacting a Nuvail prescribing physician today.

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Important Safety Information: Do not apply directly to deep, open, or profusely bleeding wounds. Product is flammable in liquid form; avoid using near open flames and sources of ignition. Use in well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.  Store at room temperature away from heat. Do not allow product to come into contact with floors, counter tops, furniture or other finished surfaces – will stain. May temporarily sting upon application. Persons sensitized to isocyanate should not use this product. Should redness or other signs of irritation appear, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.