During pregnancy, your body experiences a variety of hormone changes cialis online overnight shipping. One result from these changes can be the rapid growth of fingernails and toenails, which can lead to thick and hardened nails, or weak and brittle fingernails. These unfortunate by-products of pregnancy can last throughout your pregnancy and up to six months after giving birth for fingernails and up to nine months for toenails. This means a pregnant woman could be dealing with the pain and unsightliness of brittle, cracking and splitting nails on a daily basis for over a year.

To best protect your nails, you should avoid extended periods of time with your hands and feet in water. The constant wetting of hands creates an environment for the bacteria that causes nail dystrophy in the nail bed and additional cracking of nails. Household cleaners, full of drying chemicals, can also be harmful. Likewise, pregnant women are encouraged to avoid solvent-based products found in many nail polishes and nail polish removers, which can dry out nails, making them more brittle. You may be able to mitigate changes to your nails during pregnancy by keeping them trimmed, moisturizing your hands and getting a professional manicure and/or pedicure. You can also speak with your doctor about dietary habits that will keep your nails strong.