There are several different possibilities and causes for why your nails may be splitting. Split nails affect 20% of the population, with a higher rate among women than men. Besides gender, age also plays a factor, as nails tend to become weaker or thicker with age, leading to split nails. How you treat your nails on a daily basis and what kind of diet you maintain can be major contributors to either keeping your nails healthy, or causing your nails to split. So, how do you keep your nails from splitting? Read on to learn more about what causes split nails and how to prevent your nails from peeling and cracking.

Treat Your Nails To Prevent Splitting

First, start with an initial clipping of your fingernails and toenails. By keeping your nails well maintained, you will find that the rough edges of your nails are less likely to snag socks and other delicate articles of clothing, and will reduce the likelihood of future splitting. You may also want to seek a professional manicure or pedicure to ensure that your cuticles are tidied up and your nails are filed properly.

If you have cracked nails, it is most likely because your nails are dry and lacking the moisture needed to maintain healthy nails. To get your nails fresh and breathing, consider using a moisturizer throughout the day and before you go to bed. While soap does leave nails dry, even after rinsing, there are soaps available that include moisturizer, making them a more nail-friendly option.

Nails get dried out from over-exposure to water, so avoid spending too much time in a pool (which also contains chemicals), washing dishes without gloves, prolonged contact with household cleaners and taking long showers and/or baths. You should also be aware that using certain nail polish removers that contain acetone (which can break down the keratin in your nail plate) makes nails more vulnerable to splits and cracking.

Maintain A Diet That Keeps Nails Healthy

What you eat can have a profound effect on keeping your nails healthy. Always consult your physician before starting a diet program or taking dietary supplements

Prevent Nail Splitting With Nuvail™ (poly-ureaurethane, 16%)

A protective layer for your nails can help prevent the dryness caused from washing your hands with soap, exposure to water and household chemicals. By applying a once daily protective polymer like Nuvail, you may protect your nails from cracking and splitting. Nuvail is indicated to protect the nail plate, while still allowing the nail to breathe naturally. Over time, 3 to 6 months, you may have revitalized nails.

To learn more about the causes of cracking and splitting nails, and to try Nuvail today, contact a Nuvail prescribing physician.

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Important Safety Information: Do not apply directly to deep, open, or profusely bleeding wounds. Product is flammable in liquid form; avoid using near open flames and sources of ignition. Use in well-ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.  Store at room temperature away from heat. Do not allow product to come into contact with floors, counter tops, furniture or other finished surfaces – will stain. May temporarily sting upon application. Persons sensitized to isocyanate should not use this product. Should redness or other signs of irritation appear, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.