The process of growing long and healthy fingernails can be frustrating, even painful. The slow growth of nails, which is approximately one to three millimeters per month, means that minor breaks and cracks can set you back in the process of growing longer nails. Unfortunately, you cannot make your nails grow faster, but you can work to protect them and give them the nourishment they need. Below are a few tips to ensure you are able to grow long and healthy nails.

Gentler Soap

Many times, people do not think about the impact that the environment has on their hands and nails. It is common for people to expose their hands and nails to harsh chemical soaps and extreme temperatures. This exposure can cause brittle nails, which makes your nails more susceptible to cracks and breakage. Try wearing gloves when you wash dishes, or use a mild soap.

Pat Dry

After washing dishes or taking a shower, people often scrub their hands with a towel. Scrubbing your hands with long nails can be dangerous because they can catch on loose fibers and tear or break. When you are drying your hands, be sure to pat them dry, rather than scrub. This will decrease the amount of friction and lessen the likelihood your nails will snag on your towel.

Don’t Clip Cuticles

For many years, people practiced cutting cuticles to lengthen the nail bed; however, this could lead to infection and slow down nail growth. Clipping your cuticles is not recommended.

Don’t Bite

Nail biting is a leading reason some people are unable to grow long and healthy nails. If you are having trouble stopping yourself from biting your nails you can apply lemon juice, which will deter you. This will help you avoid nail biting and strengthen your ability to grow long and healthy nails.