When most people think about proper nail care, they probably think of women; not men. That’s because, for the most part, men don’t pay as much attention to their nails as women. However, proper nail care is as important for guys as it is for ladies.


Men, the good news is that well-groomed, healthy nails can be achieved without much effort. Below are four simple ways for men to keep their nails looking and feeling their best.1

Nail Care Tips For Men


Don’t Clip Too Low1

Rest your clippers on your nail, and follow its natural curve when you’re clipping. Clipping the nail too low can result in pain, and even infection. Use the lighter color of your nails as a guide, leaving a thin layer of lighter colored nail at the end.


Smooth The Edges1

Using a nail file, even out the edges of your nails until they take on a slightly round shape. Smoothing the edges after clipping them will prevent your nails from snagging on clothing, and will ultimately improve their overall look and feel.


Don’t Pull Your Hangnails1

Hangnails are pesky strips of skin that protrude from the sides of your nails. If you’ve pulled at one before, it probably bled and caused you pain. To properly remove a hangnail and prevent pain and bleeding, use a hangnail clipper when you’re fresh out of the shower.


Don’t Bite Your Nails

Whether it’s a nervous habit, or it’s simply how you keep your nails trimmed, nail biting should be avoided at all costs! Biting is bad for your nails because it can easily result in tears and/or uneven trimming. It’s also bad for your teeth, as it could potentially cause your teeth to wear, chip or crack. Beyond that, it’s just unsanitary. Your fingers touch a multitude of unclean objects and surfaces every day, and harmful germs love to hide beneath fingernails. Every time you bite your nails, those germs make their way into your mouth!



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