Did you know your fingernails and toenails are made of a protein called keratin? Believe it or not, that’s the same protein found in animals’ hooves! However, even though keratin is tough and protective by nature, your nails still need proper care to maintain peak health.1

Some of the most common dystrophic nail conditions are:2

To help you combat these common nail ailments, we’ve put together a list of home nail care tips to help you keep your fingernails and toenails in good health:

5 Home Nail Care Tips

    1. Apply moisturizer2 – Regularly applying moisturizer to your nails and cuticles will help lock in moisture, which can help prevent dry, cracked nails. Properly hydrated nails and cuticles are also more likely to stay strong and healthy.


    1. Keep your nails short1 – The longer your fingernails and toenails get, the more likely they are to break, or to cause you pain. Keeping your nails short can help minimize the chance of nail breakage, snagging, or separation from the nail bed.


    1. Keep your nails clean1 – Fungal infections of the nail are very common, especially when it comes to toenails. To minimize your chance of infection, keep your nails and cuticles clean by washing your hands with antibacterial soap, making sure to fully dry your nails and cuticles each time. Also, do not bite your fingernails or pick at your hangnails, as doing so can lead to infection.


    1. Eat a balanced diet1 – Fragile nails may be the result of a deficiency in your diet. If your nails start to feel weak, it may be your diet; consult your physician.


    1. Wear gloves when working with your hands2 – Whether you’re digging in the yard, changing your car’s air filter, or scrubbing your shower, wear protective gloves whenever possible. Working with your hands can easily result in broken, scratched, or smashed nails, and may cause dirt and grime to get trapped beneath the surface of your nails.


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