If you’re willing to spend money getting your nails professionally manicured at a salon, it’s important to know the potential hazards of getting manicures. After all, this luxury could actually be harming your nails – not helping them.

Many nail salons are extremely clean, warm, and inviting. If improperly cleaned and maintained, however, nail salons can become breeding grounds for infectious bacteria.1  Can you imagine getting a manicure at a salon that doesn’t prepare disinfectant solutions properly on a daily basis, soak instruments appropriately, or uses counterfeit products to reduce costs? Of course you would never willingly use a salon that shows such disregard for customer safety, but you could be going to one without even knowing it.

3 Reasons for Caution About Manicures

UV sanitizers don’t replace proper cleaning and care

While UV light has been proven to sanitize certain items and surfaces, the best way for nail salons to clean their instruments is by treating them with appropriate chemicals and cleaners, as instructed by the manufacturer. If your nail salon relies solely on UV light to sanitize their tools, it’s possible that you’re being exposed to other people’s bacteria!

Some tools simply can’t be sanitized

Tools like emery boards and nail buffers need to be swapped out after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria, but not all salons abide by this rule. To be on the safe side, bring your own.

Skipping coats can stain your nails

If your salon doesn’t apply a base coat – one that has been specifically designed as the first layer – whenever you get a manicure, you could be in danger of stained nails. If you insist on getting manicures, ask your nail technician to use two base coats to protect your nails from staining.



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