Did you know your nails could say a lot about your health? It’s true!

Nail conditions such as discoloration, white spots or bumps may be telling you something about your health or diet1. Interpreting these subtle signs can help you better understand what’s going on inside your body, which may help you determine the most appropriate action to take (if any).

Below are a few common nail conditions to watch out for.

As you read through the different nail conditions listed below, please keep in mind that if you’re currently experiencing any of these conditions – or you notice them in the future – it may be best to consult your physician immediately to obtain a proper diagnosis and/or recommended treatment plan generic cialis overnight shipping.

What Common Nail Conditions Could Say About Your Health1

Pale White Nails

Pale nails may be a sign of malnutrition or a nutritional disorder, such as anemia or zinc deficiency. Additionally, pale white nails may also point to other medical problems.

Yellow Nails

Yellowing occurs when the nail becomes separated from the nail bed due to injury, infection or a skin condition. Although less common, yellow nails may also point to more serious health conditions, such as chronic lung disease or cancer. Alternatively, yellowing of the fingernails may also result from smoking cigarettes or using certain nail polishes – especially red polish.

Blue Nails

Blue coloration in your nails may be the side effect of a medication you’re taking, but it may also indicate that your body isn’t receiving enough oxygen. Oxygen deficiency may be the result of a more serious medical condition, such as asthma, COPD, cold exposure or shock.

Black Nails

Black coloration is typically the result of some sort of nail injury, and may be the result of bleeding or bruising beneath the injured nail(s). Alternatively, the appearance of black coloration beneath the nail bed of an uninjured nail may indicate damage to the nail matrix – the area where the nail first begins to form – or the formation of melanoma.1

Brown Streaks

Brown streaking beneath one or more nails is common among individuals with dark skin tones, although new or changing brown streaks may be cause for concern for individuals of all skin tones. Alternatively, brown streaks beneath your nails may be caused by a reaction to medication or malnutrition.1


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